Pet Health and CBD: Beau’s Story

Pet Health Issues: What are your options? Our pets are our best friends, but when they have health issues, we want to help them feel their best – ASAP! Nearly 1 in 20 dogs will experience a seizure during their life. And if your pet struggles with seizures, you may be looking for answer. What […]

Quinn Coleman – Epilepsy Survivor

Meet Quinn, a four year old girl who battles her seizure disorder with CBD “It was like thinking you were going to lose her every time. Waiting for her to come out of it. Waiting for it to stop.” On March 29th, 2020, Quinn Coleman and her father were playing in their backyard. It was […]

CBD for Dogs: Could Your Pet Benefit?

Meet Kaja — a nine-month-old black lab who used to be hyperactive around strangers, until she started using the Physician Selected Calm Formula for Pets. She loves to take morning runs every day with her owner, David, to get exercise and release excess energy. David enjoyed bringing her to work with him at Bert’s Surf […]