Which CBD Supplement is Perfect for You?

The science of cannabinoids is on the rise — with new discoveries being made about the healing power of hemp! The only drawback is: people who take CBD don’t always understand the science and why it’s important to find formulas that are healthy and safe, with legal cannabis. It can be overwhelming to scour a […]

CBD vs. THC: Benefits, Side-Effects, and Methods

CBD has become a normal part of the self-care routine for millions. They use it to help relieve a wide variety of symptoms. While many Americans use THC for similar reasons, the two substances have distinct and important differences. It’s common knowledge that CBD and THC are both derived from the Cannabis plant. Like THC, […]

The Best CBD: Why Physician Selected Full-Spectrum Softgels

Don’t buy junk CBD. Physician Selected is the right choice for consumers seeking pure, clean CBD products – supported by science and backed by real physicians. From CBD softgels, oil, and hemp concentrates, Dr. Peter Gemelli trusts and recommends Physician Selected to his patients because we’re 100% transparent. Ingredient Transparency We know what you’re looking […]

Hemp and Hemp Oil Extract

An important fact: Hemp is not marijuana and marijuana is not hemp. ​With hemp, there is no user “high.” Hemp has been known for its industrial, environmental, and medicinal uses throughout history. The confusion between marijuana and hemp comes from the fact that they are both from the same plant species, cannabis satavia. Hemp Oil […]