How To Use CBD To Manage Pain


September is National Pain Awareness Month. Each year, organizations across the country band together to raise public awareness about pain, pain management, and the work being done to mitigate it. At Physician Selected, we offer an alternative solution to pain management through the use of CBD.

According to a recent Forbes Health Survey, “60% of U.S. adults who use CBD products do so for its potential pain-relieving effects.” Additionally, Medical News Today reports that a review conducted by the National Institutes of Health states that, “CBD could have benefits for relieving chronic pain, improving sleep, and reducing inflammation.”

Physician Selected offers a wide variety of CBD products including supplements, gummies, tinctures, and more. This way, you can pick the product that works best for you! Aside from offering different methods of consumption, our products vary in terms of the milligrams of CBD, level of THC (including products with zero THC!), and additional benefits like necessary daily vitamins.  

Mary P, a recent customer of our CBD Gummies said, “After a strong recommendation from an existing client of Physician Selected, I placed an order for my mother-in-law of their CBD Gummies 750mg. She has suffered for years from arthritis and inflammation in her joints. Nothing over the counter was effective enough and she did not want a pharmaceutical with side effects. Wow! Now 3 weeks after taking her new gummies, the pain and inflammation are minimal to none most days.”

Medical News Today also reports other uses and possibilities for CBD:

  • Helping people quit smoking
  • Managing drug withdrawal
  • Treating seizures and epilepsy (see Quin’s Story for more on this)
  • Reducing some effects of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Reducing antipsychotic effects for people with schizophrenia
  • Potentially combating type 1 diabetes and cancer in the future

We see you, we hear you. Your journey to pain relief starts today with Physician Selected.