Quinn Coleman – Epilepsy Survivor

Meet Quinn, a four year old girl who battles her seizure disorder with CBD “It was like thinking you were going to lose her every time. Waiting for her to come out of it. Waiting for it to stop.” On March 29th, 2020, Quinn Coleman and her father were playing in their backyard. It was […]

Hemp Against the Pandemic

Medical studies provide evidence that CBD may inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection Since 2020, all of us have been affected by events outside of our control – a global pandemic included. Vaccines continue to work towards the maintenance of the COVID-19 virus and provide us with a sense of normalcy; but what about those who cannot get […]

Which CBD Supplement is Perfect for You?

The science of cannabinoids is on the rise — with new discoveries being made about the healing power of hemp! The only drawback is: people who take CBD don’t always understand the science and why it’s important to find formulas that are healthy and safe, with legal cannabis. It can be overwhelming to scour a […]