Pet Health and CBD: Beau’s Story

Pet Health Issues: What are your options?

Our pets are our best friends, but when they have health issues, we want to help them feel their best – ASAP! Nearly 1 in 20 dogs will experience a seizure during their life. And if your pet struggles with seizures, you may be looking for answer. What are your affordable options? How do you know if a treatment is pet-friendly? Are there any natural alternatives to seizure medication?

Meet Beau, a six-year-old yellow lab who used to struggle with cluster seizures. Beau’s seizures continued even when treating his disorder with traditional medicine. His owner became concerned when the condition worsened. “Beau’s seizures had become so frequent and violent, I was willing to try just about anything!”

CBD – A Natural Alternative

That was when Beau’s owner discovered an alternative – CBD. She was introduced to Physician Selected through a close friend, and she decided to start Beau on our Pet Natural formula. He started taking 0.75 ml twice daily alongside his prescription medication, Keppra. And now Beau is celebrating one month seizure-free. “He hasn’t had a seizure since changing medication to Keppra ER and adding CBD oil. After the first few doses, Beau takes his oil like a champ!” 

Beau’s owner encourages others who have pets with similar health issues to give CBD a try. “I am pleased with the results so far. I think this is definitely a viable option for pet owners with serious medical issues.” Physician Selected is happy to see Beau recovering from his seizure disorder, and we wish him all the best in his future furry adventures!

If your pet loves CBD, let us know! We want to hear about how CBD has helped your pet’s health. Send us a message on our contact page, and shop all pet products on our website.