You Shop, We Give – Physician Selected Launches New Campaign

you shop we give

Whether you’re a first-time user of CBD or a long-time believer, you probably know some of the laundry lists of symptoms that CBD is used to treat. Therapeutic options for chronic conditions like arthritis, anxiety, seizures, sleeplessness, and the rest shouldn’t be dependent on income level. Sadly, for all too many consumers, the price of treatment is an insurmountable barrier.

People all over the world have already realized that CBD is a game-changer for treatment options. The drug companies, mainstream medicine, and politicians need to catch up. At Physician Selected, we want to do our part for people who are suffering, and we need to ask for your help. Along with our partners at Avient Biosciences, we are helping individuals in need of high-dose CBD treatments get their needed medication at no (or low) cost. So, how can you help?

Shop Now

Every purchase of Physician Selected products supports our efforts to give back to people who need assistance. Our support has a few facets. We’ll have ongoing promotions and discounts, help covering the costs of high dosages for those in need, free samples for physicians, and more.

We’ve set up a form for you to contact us if you need assistance, if you know someone who does, or if you want to share your story about using CBD to live a better, more complete life. Countless people have found relief through CBD, allowing them to live their lives with a freedom they couldn’t have imagined before. With your help, we can provide treatment options to people struggling with conditions that make it impossible to enjoy a normal life.

Since 2020, Physician Selected has been helping individuals with chronic conditions find relief and reclaim control over their lives. Your purchase (or donation) will help us achieve our mission of aiding those who desperately need help but lack the means to obtain it.